Portfolio Reviews & Art Business Consultation:


Getting honest and constructive feedback on your work is invaluable.  Without feedback, it is nearly impossible to grow as an artist.  I will give you an honest assessment of your work based on my 20 years of experience working in art galleries and museums in Chicago.



  • Together we will look at your portfolio and discuss your goals.  I will assess your overall portfolio and give you specific feedback on what is working, what you can improve and how.  

  • I assess your portfolio based on your goals:  For example, if you are submitting your portfolio to apply to art school I will look at things like: does it follow the criteria set forth by your school? Does it show your potential as an art student? etc.  Or if your goal is to sell your work through your website then I will assess your portfolio from the viewpoint of a collector: Does the portfolio influence me to attend an exhibit of the work? Is the artwork presented well enough on your website that I would purchase it online? Does the artwork look professionally created or need some refinement? etc.

  • As with any critique of your work, you must choose which advice to accept and which advice is not in line with your goals. I am here to help guide you, not dictate that you must do it my way or it's wrong.

  • Keep in mind you're hiring me to give you honest feedback, the sorts of things your potential buyers or gallery owners are thinking but won't say out loud to you. I believe in constructive criticism, pointing out any weak points in your work and offering ways of improving them.  My intent is never to hurt your feelings or insult your work, but I won't sugar coat it either. 



* Portfolio reviews & Art Business Consultations are face to face and may be done in person or via Skype. 

  • $35 for a 30 minute review session

  • $60 for a one hour review session.

  • $45 for a written review based on viewing the work online, without a face to face meeting



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Artist Statements/Biographies:


Do you find it hard to write about yourself?  Does your artist's statement lack flair?  Or does it suffer from too much flair and artsy BS? Most artists find it very hard to write about themselves.  I will create an artist statement/bio that highlights your style, your flair, your journey, your personality and draws in your collectors making them want more.


  • If you already have an artist's statement but are not happy with it, I will re-write it. Sometimes a few little tweaks can make a big difference.  Other times I will mostly rewrite it. 

  • I start by reading what you already have.  Then I send you a questionnaire to glean more information about you and your work with which to enhance your statement.

  • If you do not have anything written, I will start with the questionnaire and write your artist's statement/bio from scratch.

  • I believe the point of a biography or artist's statement is to effectively communicate with potential gallery owners and art collectors as well as those new to collecting who don't know much about art, yet.  Therefore I try to avoid "art speak" that attempts to make the artists sound important but alienates those outside the art industry.  Instead I write simple and clear but with excitement and energy that your reader will get caught up in.  To read a few examples of my writing visit my authors page or click HERE


Please fill out the form above to discuss pricing and how I can help you with your artist's statement or biography.  Or email me at:  AskTheCurator@gmail.com.