Music for bellydance teachers approved for use during the Covid-19 crisis

UPDATE: Hey all  you lovely dancers & musicians! I just got a lovely email from Jeremiah Soto clarifying terms and use of music during covid.  Please note that this list is NOT "Royalty Free" as I originally had written.  Instead this is a list of music that artists have allowed us to use during covid however, all of this music is still copywrited and you will need to investiage further or check with the musicians if you want to use the music long term or for any other projects. 


Below is a list of artists & musicians who have offered use of their music for bellydance teachers to use with their online classes and YouTube videos during this Coronavirus crisis. If you would like to be added or removed from this list please E-MAIL me.


I have created a giant master playlist in Spotify of everything I could find

Each  artist has their own rules about how they will allow you to use their music for free during this crisis.  Therefore I have attempted to list each artist and their specific requirements below.  I've also included the link they prefer you use  to direct people to purchase their music.  Please include this when you credit their work.  I cannot promise this list is all encompassing or up to date so please check with the artist if you have any questions or to verify that they haven't changed their requirements. 

And a big GIANT THANK YOU to all the artists, dancers, musicians, singers, comedians, performers who have donated their time and their art for free to help your community, both locally and nationally, during this difficult time. You are our Frederick the Mouse!

Musicians & their rules for using their music:



Teachers are welcome to use my catalog without a license during the crisis for streaming classes. If it is a filmed class there is a small license fee to cover our time for executing the license but I could put off that fee for up to 90 days. I will also post anybody’s classes using my music on my Solace page if you submit them to me. Please download the songs because as another musician noted we only get a fraction of a penny for a streamed song, and include the title and artist name for the song and link to buy it on iTunes.


Fred Elias Ensemble:

Hey everyone! For those of you teaching online classes and worried about music licensing rights, here's a solution!

The amazing and much loved Fred Elias Ensemble has offered their music royalty free for dancers teaching online. They have four albums available on CD baby and itunes. Their cds are set up in five part routines, one Turkish and one Arabic. These guys are national treasures and have been supporting dancers for decades. Now it's our chance to share their music! Please credit their music when possible!



Available on

George Sawa:

 you can use my 65 tracks of instruction free for your teaching. The 65 tracks are in my "Egyptian Music Appreciation and Practice for Bellydancers." And the tambouirne player in the recordings is Master Michel Merhej Baklouk who had performed fro both Samia Gamal and Taheyya Carioca. Enjoy!

Question posted on Facebook: Dear George, is it possible to use it on Youtube? Any further rights need to be requested?Some other record labels informed me that I can use them but they will put a claim that will prevent monetizing the youtube episode that is used.

George's answer: OF course and if you make money out of it, then just keep it for yourself as a gift from me. The book itself is out of print, the tracks are found on CDBaby, and if you want the text, I can send it as a pdf for $20 canadian. And best wishes with your work.

Tribal From The Trap:

Hi Emily, thanks for contacting me to verify! Yes, it is true. All I ask is if anyone uses it in their videos and streams that they mention tribal from the trap and where to find it. Other than that you will not be muted by Facebook/IG, asked to take videos down for copyright infringement and you get to monetise your videos on YouTube IG @tribalfromthetrap Thanks!
- Leon


itunes 1

I'm chiming in to let you know that you do have my permission to use my recordings in your online content. I have had my own music muted from my own videos before though and it's very hard to fight to get it back. In other words if the music is removed from anything that you upload I probably can't do anything to help you get it back. PLEASE credit the music and add links for your online students to purchase the music! I also want to clarify that this is not copyright free music. This is individuals granting you permission to use their music during a time of crisis when we all could use a little help. I do appreciate if you purchase the digital files through CD Baby rather than other streaming sites for which I am often paid nothing or a fraction of a cent.

Karen Barbee

itunes 1    itunes 2

Ron Perovich



shop   shop 2

Lauren Checchio


Lauren Checchio PLEASE credit the music and add links for your online students to purchase the music!

Carmine T Guida

Yasmin Henkesh

Leila Farid

Beats Antique

"If a class is not being recorded and is live only, then I give permission to teachers to use Beats Antique. If the class is recorded and recordings are viewed in exchange for money (even donations) Beats Antique is not able to offer the music royalty free. But if you are not recording the class then yes!."

*Dancers please note that since Beats Antique music can only be used for live classes, not recorded, I have not added their music into the Spotify play list. 

i tunes