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There is always a LOT going on at Gossamer Arts.  And I'll be honest, I'm usually busy teaching a class or preparing for the next I don't always keep this page updated with the latest and greatest.  So for upcoming events AND really cool last minute events & opportunities please Like & Follow my two facebook groups.

We now have PATREON!

Your support means the world to me AND the artists I work with.  Your patronage gives artists the skills and opportunities to create great art and share it with YOU.  As an artist or dancer, being a patreon subscriber means getting more lessons, more tips, & member only opportunities.

Please subscribe to one or both of our Patreons.

Upcoming Workshops & Classes

Upcoming Shows & Performances


Beginning Bellydance in Rockford IL

March 11th - April 29

Intermediate Bellydance in Rockford IL

March 7th - April 4

Art Business for Artists Masterclass in Rockford IL

Multiple dates in March & April

Part A:  Sales skills for artists who don’t like selling    

Part B: Marketing & Technology

Performing at the opening night party for the

Curiosity Art Exhibition

Old Courthouse Art Center in Woodstock IL

Saturday January 18th 6-9pm

I will be performing with my lovely partner Mae the Bellydancer throughout the evening.  This is an amazing Steam Punk themed art exhibition so our dance will also be a little steam punk, a little tribal, and a little lyrical fusion.

I hope you will come out to support us and all the artists involved in this exhibition.

Stay in the Loop with Facebook Groups.


Please Like & Follow one or both groups to get up to the minute info & last minute opportunities that may not appear on the website.

Gossamer Arts in the News


Opening Up The Art World

September 01, 2019

In her 23 years as director and curator for a few of Chicago’s top art galleries, Emily Watson-Rice ’96 met a lot of artists and collectors. She loved meeting them—and often left those meetings concerned.

“I would meet artists and be shocked that they had all kinds of training in how to paint and no training in how to sell those paintings—no communication skills, no business skills,” she said.

Watson-Rice graduated from Calvin with a bachelor’s of fine arts and recognized something of herself in these artists.

10 Women Get Real About Turning 40 Is it as bad as you think? Spoiler: It's so. much. better.

December 02, 2017

"I believe I'm f-ing awesome and can get through anything."

At 38 years old, Emily Watson-Rice, owner of Gossamer Arts, was in the best shape of her life. But due to some unforeseen health issues, she entered her 40th year far from the top of her game. ​​

VoyageChicago features Emily in their series "Chicago's Most Inspiring Stories"

June 20, 2017

Much has changed in the art world over our 50 year history. The markets have been up and down and we’ve seen great galleries close their doors. Fortunately Atlas Galleries has an amazing staff of art specialists and incredibly talented artists who have kept the gallery going strong even in difficult years. Yet the true foundation of our success is our collectors. Our customer service sets us apart from other galleries and our collectors have rewarded us with their loyalty.

Atlas recruited me while I was the Director of the Marshall Fields Fine Art Gallery. I have now been with Atlas Galleries nearly 15 years. As Curator & Director, I fully believe in Atlas’s goal to promote talented artists and assist clients in finding a work of art that really speaks to them. I find it especially rewarding to...

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