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Welcome in the new roaring 20's!

Starting New Years Eve, save 10-40% off custom pedestals and 10-20% off selected Thorpe works

Sale ends January 31, 2020. 

Welcome to Gossamer Arts!

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About Us


Gossamer Arts was founded by Emily Watson-Rice in 2016.  While working as the Director & Curator of Atlas Galleries she was continually amazed at the artists coming in asking for advice on how to get into a gallery like hers. They had no guidance, no business classes, no sales or marketing skills, no concept of how the art business worked, and without these, they had no chance of making a living as an artist.  Emily began by taking a few minutes here and there to talk with these artists and give them some basic pointers but knew it wasn't nearly enough to be of much help.  So she decided to start mentoring & training artists and teach them the skills they needed to run their art careers as a small business.


In 2018 Emily expanded Gossamer Arts after realizing how much her clients and art collectors struggled to find high-quality pedestals and picture lights for their collections. Most galleries, including hers, didn't sell the pedestals or art lighting they use to display their artwork. Furniture stores only sell accent tables, which can look nice but lack many of the features collectors want when displaying their beloved collection.  Inexpensive options available online did not meet collectors high standards.