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Freya is a Lyrical Fusion Bellydancer most well known for her ethereal & powerful veil routines. Not only a skilled dancer, Freya is also an inspiring dance instructor, especially skilled at giving students individual attention to insure they perform to the best of their ability.  Freya inspires her students to become their best selves, full of confidence, strength, & grace.




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Some of you know me by my stage name- Freya, others of you know me as Emily. For the past 20+ years I've lived a double day I was the Curator & Director of a major fine art gallery in Chicago, by night I was a bellydancer & artist. I worked very hard to keep those two lives separate. Now I've left the gallery world to teach artists everything I learned along the way. I started my own company, Gossamer Arts, to help artists run their art careers as a successful business. I continue to work with art collectors, helping them find specific works of art, pedestals, etc. Then I left Chicago & bought land near Rockford IL with plans to start an animal hospice. Along the way I started teaching belly dance & sharing my love of dance with people all around my new home. Gradually, my two worlds started to merge: performers from my bellydance world also benefited from art business classes, artists I worked with were also interested belly dance or hired me to model. Thus Gossamer Arts Bellydance is now officially a part of my company. It's been a weird & wonderful road that has brought me here, but I'm happy to go along for the ride and see where it takes me.